Friday, September 16, 2011

Orchids...what next?


I have this gorgeous phalaenopsis orchid that is about to finish blooming. I know that it will bloom again, but I don't know what to do once the flowers all fall off.

To those of you out there with botanistic expertise: What do I do with it now?

Counting sleep

My life comprises big events that I can't wait for. Just ask my mom and dad...they wanted to buy me a licence plate that said CANTW8! Someone in Nevada clearly has the same problem as I do!

There's always something exciting around the bend. Two for me to lose sleep over today:
5: sleeps until I leave for Scotland
36: sleeps until I'm a university graduate

I'll find something new after that...I always do!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 a bike.

I'm finished school - what is my problem? Am I not supposed to be excited, have tons of free time, and be ready to embrace my new career?

If only.

What I feel is exhausted, overworked, and lacking in any kind of vision for what my new career is. I see so many people doing things that I still feel inadequately prepared for in the communications world, and then I wonder...

What will it take to get my passion back?

A friend of mine shared a quote on Facebook this morning: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." ~Albert Einstein

I've been at a standstill. My life has revolved around my job this summer, and when I haven't been there, I've been wishing to be asleep. Blaine told me the other day that it's time to start doing some exercise each day, and he's right. My life is out of balance because I'm at a standstill.

There are many things I wish for this fall: I'd like to get more organized at home, take on more of the household tasks that my husband always seems to get done, read more for pleasure, learn Spanish, walk and swim, and go back to church regularly.

Those are the verbs of my life - the actions that will help me to balance and enjoy my life much more.

And riding the Big Bike tomorrow will be a good reminder to me about how important that balance really is.

How do you balance your life?