Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Election Rant 2011

I have not enjoyed the idea of going back to the polls. I am committed to voting, because it's part of my duty as a citizen. But I really don't want to.

Here is what I would like to say to our political party leaders, if I could:

Stephen Harper: It's two days from the election and attacks on the other leaders is unnecessary. You're leading in the polls and you have some room to promote the Conservative party, rather than bashing the other parties. Your commercials start out so positive, and I would really appreciate if they stayed that way. I like you, but am still not sure that you should be our Prime Minister - especially if you have such a hard time convincing a majority of Canadians that you should.

Michael Ignatieff: It's time to see this election for what it is. You played the game and lost. I don't care about the whole American thing, but I do care about what you will do, and all I am hearing is what everyone else isn't doing. It's time to develop a platform. Make it good and act with integrity, and Canadians will believe you. Choose to act opposite, and we'll see right through you.

Jack Layton: I'm impressed with your ability to sway the Quebec vote, and that almost makes me want to vote for you. I also appreciate your charisma and passion for this country and think that you would make a really good Prime Minister. If it wasn't that you were prepared to form a coalition with a party that wants to separate a part of our beautiful country, I would probably be on your side. I'll think about it for a couple of days and see if I can get over that.

Elizabeth May: 2 words: SOCIAL MEDIA. I really wanted to vote for you in this election, but with 4% popular support for your party, it feels like I'm throwing away my vote. I haven't heard much from you, and I wish that I had. I would highly recommend hiring a communications expert (pick me!) who can help you get the young Canadian population engaged using social media. Your platform is awesome, and I totally support it. We need people to hear about it. Instead of railing about being excluded from a debate, get back at them by trying a new tactic. It worked for Naheed Nenshi in Calgary!

Gilles Duceppe: I'm sure that you are a really nice person. Unfortunately, I can't see you as any kind of option for Prime Minister because your party doesn't have a candidate running in most ridings. For that reason, I'm out. Just because Quebec has as many seats as they have doesn't mean that your party can or will adequately represent the needs of all Canadians.

To all of you: Whatever you do, and whomever wins, Canada is like a family, and managing it is just like managing a household: You have money coming in, and you need to decide about how you want to spend it. You can spend more than you have, but it's not recommended because it will end up costing more in the long run, and it would be tragic to pass debt onto future generations, rather than wealth.

I think I know who to choose in the next two days. But even if I don't, I'll still be voting.

Whether I like the fact that I have to vote again or not, the voting process gives me a voice that I would otherwise not have. And that's why Canadians have gone to war and brought freedom to this that I can have a voice. I'm pretty proud of that. And I really love Canada.

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