Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm singing in the rain...just singing in the rain!

I HAVE written something in each of the last two days - honest!  It just really sucked, and I didn't want to be on the record (or at least on my blog) talking about the Qur'an burning...I have nothing to contribute to the discussion, except for my pleasure that he won't do it.

Onto bigger and better things...!

I'm experiencing a peaceful state today, brought to me partly by a good sleep, a wonderful yoga class, and reading a particularly interesting text book. Oh, and that a team full of wonderful people who actually want me to join them to make organizational communications history!

This could only be a better Saturday afternoon if I was at Disney World on Splash Mountain with my favourite of all ride-partners... 

So, today in Calgary, we are experiencing the "previous-to-summer-2010-strange" phenomenon called "rain."

Now, to other provinces in this great nation, that's not a strange phenomenon. No, you enjoy this many times a year, often in lieu of the white stuff we welcome called "snow." You also tend to enjoy things called "flowers" at a time of year when us Calgarians are mired in brown gravel-muck. I'm jealous of the fact that you probably had better flowers in January than we had all summer.  But that's beside the point!

Calgary, with my 33 years of anecdotal evidence, has never had this much rain in a summer. I don't ever recall a summer where the grass wasn't dying in late August, and

Now, I am not a raving fan of any kind of precipitation. But today is such a beautiful day, and the rain is coming down in heavy sheets with some thunder, and a bit of sun hoping to poke through the clouds. It makes me wonder if there is anything more beautiful than the colour of things glistening with moisture and reflecting a hint of sunlight. Right now, the only thing I can think of is a bit of blue sky and a colourful rainbow. Those are the kind of moments that happen so infrequently, but when they come, bring me so much joy that I can hardly contain myself.

Side note: The most fantastical thing just happened...the blue sky came out. Still waiting for the rainbow, and I'm ready to jump out of my skin with anticipation about that!  Can you see why?  Here's how my street looks right now...

 Pretty, wet, and sunny. That's my kind of rain!

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