Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What am I about?

There has never been anything that has fuelled my passion like words. They make me laugh, make me cry, give me a sense of every emotion between eternity and where I am now.

I'm figuring this out a little later than the average person - I wasn't a bookworm, or someone who journalled intensively. In fact, I'm 33 and only just now figuring out how to complete a Bachelor's degree with my words. I've known that words make me feel things deeply, and words put together in specific ways have a special magical power to entice and enrapture me like nothing else.

I don't know how long that I'll have to describe what I am experiencing between eternity and where I am now, but the best I can do is try.

So, here goes!

As a fledgling writer studying under a master, the challenge went out that if I want to be a better writer, I need to just get to it and write; if I want to be a better storyteller, I need to listen to stories being told; if I want to be a better rhetorician, I need to ravenously intake all of the persuasive discourse that I can.

My other blog is about being grateful. It's terribly written, with all small caps, and probably terrible punctuation. It was saying something about me when I started it, but has since ceased speaking (that could be because I haven't updated it!). I think I might get rid of it, but haven't completely convinced myself yet that a blog focusing on gratitude should be removed from the blogosphere.

With that blog in mind, I wanted to take a deeper look at my life - not only to express my gratitude, but also my recognition of a life that is finite, and my need to appreciate every moment. I believe that my life will end with a new start in heaven, but until then, I have some work to do!

I want to be able to share my words and passions with you, my readers. It's a journey and a mission.

If you come along, I'd be thrilled, because I like nothing better than to share my love of words with others. If you stop by for a little while, I will consider myself fortunate that we shared this bit of time between eternity and where I am now. That's a phrase that you'll see a lot, because I have other plans too...

To copy one of my favourite professors, I will probably develop a slightly capricious side...some jokes, some fun, some videos, some words. All trying to appreciate the moments between eternity and where I am now.

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