Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Carpooling...a 10 minute joy on each end of my day

Blaine and I carpool sometimes.

I don't stop enough to think about how fortunate I am, but carpooling with my husband caused me to make a list yesterday:

1.  I live and work within 5 kilometres. I like being close! And I like avoiding the crazy traffic that defines Calgary at rush-hour!
2.  My chauffeur...I mean, a little further in the same direction as I do. How perfect for carpooling!
3.  My work schedule is flexible. Although it varies, I have lots of options.
4.  We have two reliable vehicles. It's silly that one sits in the garage on winter days that we ride in together, but it sure is nice to save a little money on gas!
5.  I like talking to that husband of mine. He tells me funny stories, and he's always happy. How did I wind up with him?
6.  Blaine helps me to keep on track when I'm exercising. That has nothing to do with carpooling. I'm grateful anyway, otherwise, I wouldn't be almost halfway done P90X!
7.  Sprocket is really excited when we both get home at the same time. Now, is that because he likes us so much, or just really needs to go out and do his business?
8.  Lastly, carpooling gives me 10 minutes of joy at each end of my day. It's like I start and finish my day with something good!

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